ENERGAZ is a reference site where to find especific information for  those interested in ENERGY. Professionals, Consumers, Companies,  Utilities, Students or Teachers will surely find useful links about  organisations, initiatives, technologies, projects or products. It  must not be forgotten the opportunity to find new ideas, trends,  news, energy related meetigs, companies that offer products and  services.  We look for sources of information and websites that offer latest  news and data about energy production and consumption. Links to  reports and publications are available.  The energy efficiency is a growing social matter for those  consumers concerned to the environment preservation and money  savings. Companies need to cut their energetic bills and show a  public interest for efficency and social responsability. With similar  purpose there is a growing demand for renewables, that are  continously developing from their original designs and technologies  of production. The transport represents a major part of the world energy  consumption. In these days, we see an incipient change in the  technologies that we will use to travel and conmute.  Education is neccesary in order to improve our energy use. Young  people should know the importance of not spilling the energy,  learning and adopting good practices. 
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