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World Wildlife Fund The Energy Report
The Energy Report explores how  to power the world entirely by  renewable energy bythe middle  of this century. The report concludes that it is  technically feasible to supply  everyone on Earth with the  energy they need by 2050, with  95 % of this energy coming from  renewable sources, utilizing  technologies current or in  development today.
ECOFYS State of the offshore industry in Northern Europe
The past decade has seen  the realisation of the first  large-scale commercial  offshore wind farms. As of  2010, 3 GW of installed  capacity has been  commissioned and numerous  lessons have been learnt; however the true growth of the  industry still lies ahead. The sum of national targets for the  North Sea countries will exceed 35 GW of offshore wind  capacity by 2020. The offshore wind sector is considered to  be fundamental to the achievement of renewable energy  targets in EU countries.