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AMERICAN COUNCIL OF RENEWABLE ENERGY  (ACORE)is  an organization of member companies and  institutions that are dedicated to moving renewable  energy into the mainstream of America’s economy,  ensuring the success of the renewable energy industry  while helping to build a sustainable and independent  energy future. 
Renewable energy & energy efficiency  partnership (REEEP)   is a non-profit, specialist change  agent aiming to catalyse the market for renewable energy  and energy efficiency, with a primary focus on emerging  markets and developing countries.  REEEP initiates and funds projects.  REEEP develops and supports policy-maker networks with  initiatives such as the Energy Efficiency Coalition (EEC), the  Sustainable Energy Regulation Network (SERN) and  Renewable Energy and International Law (REIL)  REEEP disseminates and replicates learnings through news  items, publications, its website and events. It also operates  a  search engine for the green energy world (reegle) and a  clean energy blog. 
Alternative Energy   offers news and  information resources about renewable energy  technologies. Find the latest and innovative  methods to generate electricity. Look at the gallery of  videos for a better understanding of different  technologies.  Look at the Renewable Energy directory to find  websites in relationship with this industry.
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