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The web ELECTRIC VEHICLE NEWS   offers  information about technologies  and companies that are working in  the development of electric vehicles.  Discover news of some companies :
By means of this  web yo´ll get the  latest information  of the market of electric and hybrid  cars. It explains the different technologies  and yo may compare and choose  between the models of the market. 
gives information  about the best  characteristics of  each technology (petrol, biofuels,  hybrid, electric, fuel-cell, etc.). Give a look at the cutting edge  technologies launched by some car  makers.
Visit this website to learn about  different alternatives of technologies  and the last models offered by many  companies.
You can find details about the most  efficient vehicles and their main  characteristics. It also offers Articles  About Hybrid Car, Research &  Technology.
EV-indo offers a complete database of  manufacturers, vehicles, componentes  and technologies. 
Visit the AIR LIQUIDE hydrogen-  planet website to discover how cars  can run with hydrogen in an efficient  and cleaner way.
A report about the role of battery  electric vehicles, plug-in vehicles and  fuel-cell electric vehicles.  (zeroemissionvehicles).
A Homeowner's Guide to Electric Vehicles. Electric vehicles pop up in the news regularly, in part because they offer many benefits to modern drivers.
Everything Drivers Need to Know About Hybrid Vehicles.
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